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The Complete Information Centre from India for Senior Citizens


The aim of this site is to provide detailed info on all aspects concerning Senior Citizens of India, so that they may lead a healthy and happy life. Planning should begin early (maybe at 40!). Old Age brings some limitations, but being positive and following some simple guidelines can make life richer not just for Seniors, but also for their  family, friends & society.

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Overcome Obesity- Check out a DIET

Indian Academy Of Geriatrics
The website for geriatricians in India

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Health News Updates

LIC offers a scheme for Senior Citizens of India


Syndrome-X and Insulin Resistance

An interesting Quarterly Bulletin for Senior Citizens: from The Corporation Bank

Safety Tips for using Escalators & Elevators (Lifts): from Schindler (India)

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Fitness is the key to Good Health

Unit Trust of India's Special offer for Senior Citizens

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Can anti- oxidants really retard ageing?

Do you know of a Hobby Club that Senior Indians can be a part of? Write to us!

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Learn to send e-mail. It will open endless possibilities

Do you have any interesting stories about Senior Citizens that you wish to share with us? Write to us!

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Are you looking for a job?
See the page on Careers.

You can also place an ad under the jobs wanted in the Classifieds

Senior Indian Clubs:
Our aim is to form Senior Indian clubs in every nook and corner of India - where Seniors can meet as friends, find common interests and lead a healthy & happy life. We welcome suggestions on how you could help us make this dream a reality


Regsistration Help! Many mails sent to e-mail ID's given by you have been returned to us. To avoid this you could just send us a mail from the inbox of the e-mail facility you are using. eg.,, or if it is an ISP like vsnl, then from your Netscape or Outlook Express mail box. Just send an empty message with the words "Membership request" either in the subject or body of the letter. We shall use the e-mail address from that. Or you can send a mail to  Just mention 'Membership' in the subject or body Thank you for the overwhelming response.
Site Conceived, Designed and Edited by: Dr. Suresh Bhimsingh with assistance from Ms. Rajvi B.
Last Updated on 24th Jan 2003 at 9.00 p.m.



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Think you are over-weight? Check your
Body Mass Index

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So you saw your Grandson smoking! Explain to him that it could be more addicting than he thought.

Look here for Air Travel Concessions in India for Senior Citizens, Ex-Army Personnel, War Widows.

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An Effective & Easy  Exercise Program for Seniors
to set the gears in motion

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